V for Vendetta 2a) Describe the differences between the fascist Norsefire government’s and V’s anarchist view of a “healthy country.” How do Norsefire and V define the role of the government and the role of the citizen differently? The chaos and fury of the violence of the post-apocalyptic Britain initiated the radically right-winged Norsefire regime: fascists that united with the surviving big companies and businesses, giving them the appearanceā€¦
Describe what happens to V at Larkhill. What is the purpose of Larkhill? Who works there? How does this experience drive V’s actions later on?

Essay Topic 5
Why is it so easy for the fascists to seize control of the government? What factors make the people embrace their policies (at least at first)?

Essay Topic 6
Do you think that V’s methods are the best way to bring down the government? Do the ends justify the means, or is V a terrorist himself?

Essay Topic 7
Describe the bishop. How does his…

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