The human brain works in a very complicated way, it is made up of approximately 100 billion cells. These cells are known as nerve cells or neurons. A nerve cell or a neuron is a little bit like a switch, this means that they are either switched on or switched off. If the neuron is switched off it is quiet and when it is switched on it sends electrical impulses along its body, this process is known as an Axon. There is a small part at the end of the axon which releases chemicals. Within the human brains activity there are 60 different chemicals.
Individuals living with dementia who have damage on the right side of the brain will find it difficult to put information together. Although they can see items or people, they will not be able to make the connection of what the items or people are. Depression may lead to individuals who have damage to the left side of the brain, they will find it harder with organisational skills.

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