Technology is bringing us closer than ever before

We spend time on our phones texting one another maybe, with a significant other. When you think about technology what thoughts come to mind?

I think about something that is not just our smartphones in our pockets, but I think about something that’s much more than that

Innovation after innovation

From stone tools to heavy machinery.

I think about something that is uniting us together transcending language barriers. Instead of separating us further and further. Making the impossible, possible using something up here.

In the present day, technology is bringing us closer than ever before

Through the use of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it is easier than before to connect with people, creating opportunities to make friends with those who share a common interest in a simple click of a button.

Apps like skype and facetime has given families and friends the chance to see each other face to face. No matter how far the distance between are

Social media has also been used as a medium to spread news around the world.

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