Sar?kam?? is a small, very beautiful place.I’ve never lived there but been there a few times.It is a very cold place but people’s attitude in there warms you up.It is one of the rare places that has crystal snowing.There is even a street named ‘Kristal Kar’.Crystal snow is the best for snowboarding or snow sports.Therefore, every year large snow festivals are organized.From here we understand that the most important feature of the sar?kam?? is related to snow.Tens of thousands of tourists- mostly Russians- come here for skiing.Also you can visit the houses or buildings built by Russians a long time ago.Most of them are still in use.We conclude that the Russians lived here for a period.It is the place where the Sar?kam?? operation held which is very sad for our homeland.It is one of the important places for our country and it is definitely worth to visit.

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