Many are unaware of the disheartening and violent acts that are happening in Venezuela and how it is affecting the surrounding countries. Venezuela was once praised for its prodigious democracy but now the country’s democratic institutions and economy is in shambles. How did this come to be? How are Venezuelans reacting? What do the outsiders think of this?
Since Nicol├ís Maduro has been president, Venezuela has seen a significant decrease GDP and an insane increase in inflation. The murder rate has also surpassed even the most dangerous cities in the world. Venezuelans have induced protests for months against the president and it’s not hard to see why. Maduro has done everything in his power to have no political groups oppose him. He has manage to take over the Supreme Court and strip down the powers of the National Assemble to nothing. Now with the political power in his control, he is bringing the country closer to authorian rule.
With injustice in the air Venezuelans are fighting and protesting day and night. It is, quite literally, a battlefield in the streets of Venezuela. There is not one day where there is no violence and death. Some are so afraid of what there is to come for their families that the run from their country. They run to countries nearby in search for a better life. I, myself, have seen this with my own eyes. This past summer, I visited my family in Colombia and I was able to see hundreds of people walking around with no place to live and in search of food and money for their families. I was unaware of the situation that is until I asked my mom what was happening. She told me of the unfortunate events that Venezuela is experiencing and why they are coming over to not just Colombia but to other countries like Peru and Bolivia. By mid July it was a regular thing to see at least 10 Venezuelans, at a time, in the streets. Sometimes they would come in hordes with luggages. They weren’t bad people, they just wanted to escape the harsh conditions of their own country. Unfortunately, now being in a new country, they were unable to receive jobs because they were not citizens. They tried to make money by selling lollipops or cleaning the windshields of cars. They did everything possible to survive.
I had a small discussion with a few people and I received very similar responses back. They all seemed to agree that what is currently happening in Venezuela is injustice. They were also curious as to how this will affect neighboring countries, if hundreds of Venezuelans are intruding their country. This is definitely a thought I have pondered as well since I have seen the impact when I was in Colombia.. The most frequent and eye opening response, for me, was, “I didn’t know this was happening.” I did not realize that so little people were unaware of other events in the world.
This crisis truly opened my eyes to other events worldwide. Venezuela needs help and more people need to be conscious of what is happening, not just in Venezuela but worldwide.

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