Many ancient works, including the Bible, refer to the use of aloe. One of the first
documented users of aloe vera was Cleopatra, who lived from 68 to 30 B.C. She is said to
have used the gel on her skin as protection from the sun, and to have thought the gel
helped to keep her skin young-looking. In fact, the Egyptians may have used aloe vera in
their embalming of bodies, among other uses.
For over 3,500 years, tales of “healing Aloe Vera” plants have been handed down
through centuries by word of mouth. From the Bible’s mention of removing Christ from
the cross and wrapping his body in aloes and myrrh, (John 19:39), we find Aloe Vera
mysteriously appearing in every phase of history, with many testimonials to its great
medicinal values. The earliest documented use of Aloe Vera comes from the ancient
Egyptians, but it was also grown and used by King Solomon, who was said to have
valued it highly

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