YearName: Saleha Shaikh
Student No: P17512046
Module: Academic English 1
Tutor: Sophiya
Assignment: Analyse the development of the integration of electronic and mechanical engineering in mechatronics system.

Word Count:
Date: / /2018

Mechatronics has developed globally into a fetching research area. It is an integrative engineering field. It combines in a concurring way the classical engineering practices as a mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science, leading to new kinds of products. The term mechatronics for such a synthesis task came from Japan in about 1980. Subsequently, a de?nition of mechatronics will be given, together with a survey on the international activities in mechatronics in industry, research, and education. Some implications on relevant research directions such as design, production, techniques, control, arti?cial intelligence, and man/machine interfaces.

A typical mechatronic system picks up signals from the environment, processes them to generate output signals, transforming them for example into forces, motions and actions. It is the extension and the completion of mechanical systems with sensors and micro-computers which is the most important aspect. The fact that such a system picks up changes in its environment by sensors, and reacts to their signals using the appropriate information processing, makes it different from conventional machines.

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