Biogas is an alternative clean fuel which can replace fossil fuels as well as firewood and cattle dung.
The efficiency of biogas plant can improve if properly designed. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) with
software was developed for designing modified PAU Janta model biogas plant. The design of biogas
plant using software can save time and effort while avoiding errors. The coding was done in MATLAB
R2015a and a graphical user interface was made to make it user friendly. The output is displayed as
dimensions of the different components such as mixing tank, digester, dome, and outlet tank, whereas,
input is given as size of biogas plant and retention time in GUI. The objective of this study was to
make a graphical user interface and software for designing modified PAU Janta Model. The computed
dimensions were compared with the manual calculation and results were matching as indicated by
t-test at 95% confidence level.

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