An information report by Emily Swadel
What is a battery???
. A battery stores chemical energy that when released turns into electrical energy.
.Chemical reactions of batteries make electric currents.
.Different types and sizes of batteries have different chemical combinations.
.There are 2 different types of main batteries. Primary and Secondary.

How batteries work
Batteries work by separating electrons from atoms and then pushing the electrons into an electric circuit.
Types of batteries
Primary batteries- single use batteries
Alkaline batteries- non rechargeable and have a long life span
Carbon zinc batteries- similar to alkaline batteries
Secondary batteries- rechargeable batteries
Lead acid batteries- provides electric currents in vechicles
Metal hydride batteries- a form of rechargeable battery
Lithium ion batteries- used in electronics
A brief History of batteries
Primitive batteries made from as early as 250 B.C
The first documented battery was made in the 1800s
The development of lithium ion batteries started in the 1970s and the first lithium ion battery was made by sony in 1990.
In early 2000s portable devices were equiped with rechargeable batteries

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